12'' Live Aloe Succulent in Planter

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Solid acacia wood tray features raised large stainless steel handles in a rounded you love the exotic look of succulent plants, add Aloe Vera to your house plant collection. This fleshy leaf succulent plant hails from the arid climates of Africa and India, but it adapts easily to indoor life when grown in bright light. It has been used for centuries by ancient cultures as an antiseptic and for mild burn relief. This succulent plant is super low maintenance. You only need to water once every 2-3 weeks! Aloe Vera is a favorite of busy (and forgetful) people across the globe.

A great housewarming gift for a new home or apartment, plant lovers select Aloe Vera because of its thick leaves and classic shape. Kids love the interesting and tactile leaves. They can be enjoyed for years! It's not unusual for Aloe Vera plants to live 12 years or longer.
Your Aloe Vera plant is shipped in a 4" (diameter) pot and measures 12 to 15 inches tall from the pot base to the top of the plant. This is an ideal size for kitchen counters, end tables, and nightstands. You can also replant Aloe Vera into a larger pot to allow more growth. Aloe Vera can also be paired with a variety of succulent plants to create a trendy bowl or tropical décor garden.

NASA's Clean Air Study concluded that Aloe Vera was one of several plants that improve air quality in your home. NASA found that low maintenance Aloe Vera plants actively remove chemical pollutants, such as benzene and formaldehyde*, from the air. Like all succulent plants, Aloe Vera purifies the air by removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Here's a tip: NASA researchers recommend at least one house plant for every 100 square feet in your home.

The Aloe plant is a perennial plant in frost-free climates, thriving indoors as long as the temperature is between 50 and 80 degrees. It loves bright and dry conditions both inside and outdoors. It's an excellent low maintenance house plant that needs minimal watering, usually once every two weeks. While it should be watered thoroughly, it should not be watered again until the top 2 inches of the soil is dry. You'll need to test the soil with your fingers to be sure. A well-draining soil mixture for cacti and succulent plants is recommended when repotting. Your Aloe Vera Plants should be repotted whenever it becomes root-bound. A house plant is root-bound when roots appear through the soil or begin escaping through drain holes in the pot.
About the grower: Costa farms is a third-generation family-run business stretching from south Florida to North Carolina, we have 5,500 hard-working employees that farm and cultivate a variety of beautiful plants that you can bring home today. triangle form for easy lifting and carrying.


  • Super easy-to-grow Aloe Vera succulent houseplant with bold, green-white speckling on thick, toothed leaves is great as gift or decoration
  • Intended as an indoor houseplant, Aloe Vera can also be grown outdoors in arid, frost-free climates.
  • Place in a bright, warm, sunny spot for best results; requires watering once every couple of weeks
  • A great addition to modern and contemporary decor; perfect for desks, tabletops, credenza cabinets, and more
  • Not intended for human or animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
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